I’m Clement, an indie game developer (I’m still refreshing my C# programming skills and learning Unity).  I’m also a single dad of 6 and a former engineering manager in one of Alberta’s oil patch related companies.

Why create games? Well, when I was 11, I got an Apple II, my first computer.  It was the result of over a year of chores, begging, good grades and extremely good behaviour.  Initially, I only wanted a computer because I wanted to play games (of course).  But because it seemed interesting and because I had to show my mom that the computer was an educational tool, I decided to learn programming.  Learning Basic (and Assembly)

However, though I liked programming (and games), I also liked engineering.  My dad was the technical head of his school and I enjoyed visiting his workshop as a kid (reading his books and magazines.. designing and building stuff from the scrap bin).  As a young adult, I had to choose; computers or engineering.  Because I thought I could program games as a hobby, I chose to study mechanical engineering.

Following that, life happened and things did not work out as I had planned.  Suffice to say that I found that it was nigh impossible to program as a hobby.  Though I managed to learn a number of programming languages, C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, etc.. and though I got to program professionally a number of times (making/saving lots of money for previous employers).. I never found the spare time to program games.

I also found that the adage “opportunity doesn’t knock twice” to be true.  

So that brings me back to why I am an indie game developer.  It’s time.  Time I created games that I (and hopefully others) want to play.

– Clement




Word Clash - HiRes

Word Clash https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Sohdium.WordClash

The BEST single and multiplayer anagram word game on Play Store!

Rearrange letters to form words.  Get the highest score.  Play solo, play with, or play against your friends and family!

Word Clash.  The fun, free anagram word game where you don’t have to play alone!

With single and multiplayer modes, bonus letters, a unique scoring system, and the ability to skip words strategically, the fun never ends.

Play with your family and friends!  Play against your family and friends!  Form teams and play against each other!

– 3 Single Player Modes: Normal (3 minutes), Survival and No Time Limit.
– Up to 8 players in local WiFi or online multiplayer.
– Player v.s. Player OR Players v.s. Teams OR Teams v.s. Teams.
– Chat with others in-game.
– 6, 7 and 8 letter puzzle words.
– Bonus letters (Red = +3, Yellow = +2, Blue = +1)
– Skip to the next word if you are stumped.  Spend points to skip early.
– Bonus points for finding all possible words (+50).


Question Mark

Game 2: In development